Collision Investigation


VC4000DAQ- supports additional sensors, built in 10Hz GPS. 
By using a 3 axis accelerometer pack, microcontroller and crystal clock, speed and distance can be calculated from acceleration and time. 
Collision Investigation teams across the UK are already using the Vericom range of products to calculate the coefficient of friction of incident sites. 
In addition to speed, distance and time for braking, the unit can also be used for acceleration tests (user-configurable parameters) or lateral acceleration/ critical yaw tests. 


  • 10G to 100G accelerometers
  • Pressure sensors
  • 4 RPM sensors 
  • Profile 5 Professional© Software included
  • Built in 10Hz GPS
  • Automatic Pitch compensation gyro
  • OBDII CAN interface included
  • Simple calibration check
  • Firmware & software updates from internet
  • No annual calibration required!
  • Records and displays time, acceleration in 3-axis, speed, distance and horsepower.  Also displays average acceleration (drag factor) & peak acceleration
  • Three axis accelerometer ±2G (X longitudinal, Y lateral & Z vertical)
  • Single vacuum cup mounting with self leveling
  • Custom carrying case
  • Acceleration testing mode
  • Brake testing mode
  • Continuous display of acceleration
  • Audible G force alarm threshold setting
  • Displays table after an acceleration test
VC4000PC- connect to computer for download

  • Profile Professional© Software included

  • Firmware & software updates from internet

  • OBDII input option

  • Simple calibration check

  • Accelerometer Resolution: 16 bits

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 compatible

  • 116 minutes of data storage

  • Analog output

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