We specialise in the measurement of vehicle dynamics with a wide range of technologies to suit exact test specifications
Typical Vehicle Dynamics uses are:
  • Performance / Acceleration Tests
  • Coastdown Tests
  • Tyre Tests
  • Dynamic Ride and Handling Tests
  • Engine Tests
  • Chassis / Suspension Tests
ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance) Systems can also be validated using OXTS Inertial systems
  • Collision Avoidance systems
  • Radar, Lidar and Vision system qualification
  • Testing lane departure warning systems (LDW)
Optical sensors for true "ground based" measurements of speeds, slip angles, ride heights etc – these also offer the lowest signal latency compared to other methods
  • 250 Hz high accuracy GPS with integrated inertial pack for complete coverage
  • Combining Inertial Navigation with GPS gives the ultimate dynamic tool for measuring of global position (to a real world 2.5cm), accelerations & rates in all axes
  • High-end data systems designed to cope with extreme conditions of temperature and vibration.
  • Application driven packages – please ask for details or advice
​Need Data Recorders, Sensors or Modules? Check out our products here
Gregory flowtronic systems made by GREGORY Technology in Germany are 
developed for fuel consumption measurement of internal combustion 
engines (suitable for gasoline, diesel, bio and alcohol based fuel types, 
depending on system).
  • Waterproofed—IP66 & IP67
  • Ideal for brake testing, since the sensor stays cool
  • Stator electronic removable for comfortable balancing
  • Online zeroing – after three turns of the wheel you can start to measure.
The new MSW steering effort sensor CLS from CAEMAX is designed for applications in any car or commercial vehicle steering system. 
  • Free programmable CAN output.
  • Two analogue out for steering angle and torque.
  • All features of original steering wheel retained as it is not necessary to make any changes.
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